Sunday 29th July 2012

Beach: Whale bay, Raglan

Tide: Directly on low tide

Weather: A storm was about to hit; wind was increasing & rain was starting, so not too nice!

 Today’s Catch:

  • 1 Flip-Flop
  • 1 Childs sports shoe
  • 1 paper McDonalds bag (found on path to beach, but probably would end up on the beach anyway)
  • 10 pieces of fishing rope, various sizes & lengths
  • 1 piece of wetsuit neoprene
  • 3 pieces of miscellaneous material
  • 1 large plastic bag
  • 3 pieces of carrier bag plastic
  • 3 pieces of tape
  • 2 large lumps of burnt & melted plastic
  • 2 clothes pegs
  • 1 drinks straw
  • 2 lolly-pop sticks
  • Part of a lighter
  • 3 shotgun shells
  • 2 pieces of pallet ties
  • 2 parts of a pen
  • Bit of fibreglass – probably from a boat
  • 2 Large piece of black plastic, one with screws in (maybe from car /boat)
  • 21 bottle tops
  • 2 pieces of piping
  • 6 large pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • 91 small pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • 3 pieces of foam / polystyrene
  • I piece of glass

Beach status now: Clean –ish; I managed to pick up what I could find but the wind had picked up a lot by the end, which made it difficult to see anymore plastic. I do feel like the beach is cleaner than when I first started Today’s Catch, obviously there is still a lot to pick up, but when I leave the beach it looks clean, which makes me happy!

Amount recycled: 70% – all PET (1), PE-HD (2) and PP (5)

Amount re-used: The Clothes pegs  went onto my washing line.

Amount to landfill: a small plastic bag of un-recyclable bits; including shoes and polystyrene.

Still trying to find a use of rope I find – any ideas?


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