Saturday 4th August

Beach: The rocks by indicators point, near Whale bay

Tide: Spring low

Weather: Drizzling. It was also 5pm and getting dark, so it was just a short catch!

Today’s Catch:

  • 4 plastic carrier bags
  • 1 Sandal
  • 1 part of shoe sole
  • 1 ‘Castrol Grease LMX’ Tube
  • Part of plastic bottle
  • 2 pieces of pallet ties
  • 1 drinks straw
  • 1 Large piece of surfboard deck grip
  • The peak part of a cap
  • 1 large piece of polystyrene
  • 3 large pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • Long piece of rubber (about  1 ft long)
  • About 5kg worth of rope, including one very large bundle

It is interesting how different the catch is when looking on the rocks, rather than in the bay, there seems to be a lot more fishing rope & large pieces of litter. Rope and large pieces of plastic can be very dangerous to marine life, especially marine mammals, which is quite relavent at the moment as there was a large pod of Orca in Raglan harbour yesterday and we don’t want any entanglements!

Beach status: Not very clean, only had about 30mins to pick up what I could before it was dark, so unfortunately there was probably quite a lot left!

Amount recycled: 30% – all PET (1), PE-HD (2) and PP (5)

Amount re-used: The bit of surfboard deck grip will probably come in useful one day.

Amount to landfill: un-recyclable parts of shoes, polystyrene, rubber.

Rope is still waiting for me to find a use, I just cannot justify throwing it away yet!


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