Tuesday 14th August 2012

Where: Rocks surrounding Whale bay

Tide: Low but rising

Weather: Sunny and warm for a winters day


Today’s Catch:

  • 5 plastic bottles (2 with lids on)
  • 1 kids sandle
  • 1 sole of a shoe
  • The peak part of a cap
  • 4 Large pieces of surfboard foam
  • 1 piece of surfboard fibreglass
  • 3 pieces of surfboard deck grip
  • I diving fin
  • 1 Large, long piece of rubber
  • I large piece of carpet
  • 13 large pieces of Polystyrene
  • 4 pieces of foam
  • 7 miscellaneous pieces of plastic
  • 3 pieces of pallet ties
  • I large bundle of black plastic bags
  • 1 Carrier bag
  • Remaining scraps of a plastic sack
  • 2 pieces of miscellaneous fabric
  • 3 pieces of fishing rope & wire
  • 1 fishing net float
  • Very large piece of plastic hose pipe (about 10m long)
  • Metal BBQ grid

Beach status now: Rocks were clean, apart from a few pieces of rope stuck under very large rocks that I couldn’t lift. Didn’t go onto beach but I assume it will be filthy as usual!

Amount recycled: 60% – all plastic bottles, pieces of plastic and metal grid.

Amount re-used: 30% – hose pipe – will be useful for cleaning wetsuits, Surfboard deck grip & foam might come in useful one day, piece of rubber went into tool kit – I am sure will come in handy when something needs fixing!

Amount in landfill: 10% – polystyrene and pieces of shoes


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