Monday 27th August

Beach: Whale bay, Raglan

Tide: Mid – high (rising)

Weather: Sunny with showers and pretty windy.

Today’s Catch:

  • 1 piece of ‘Duplo’
  • Casing from a ‘Ambi Pure’ air freshener
  • Tick from a ‘Nike’ product
  • ‘Tallys’ wild berry ice cream lid
  • Piece of a fishing reel
  • Float from a fishing net
  • 2 clothes pegs
  • Plastic fork
  • Head from a spray bottle
  • 3 lolly pop sticks
  • 2 ear plugs (used by surfers)
  • 1 hair tie
  • Plastic attachment for a helium balloon
  • Part of a shot-gun shell
  • Handle part of a reel (probably from a boat)
  • 2 clothes pegs
  • 5 pieces of pallet ties
  • Piece of fishing lure
  • Peak part of a cap
  • 3 pieces of fibreglass
  • 2 pieces of boat insulation foam
  • 4 pieces of surfboard deck grip (one with ‘Gorilla’ logo)
  • 1 flip-flop
  • 1 sole of a shoe
  • Piece of chewed chewing gum (gross!)
  • 7 pieces of man-made material
  • 5 pen lids
  • 39 bottle lids (2 from ‘Anchor’ milk, 2 from ‘coca-cola’ company products)
  • 6 pieces of clear plastic wrapper
  • I piece of rubber
  • 11 pieces of polystyrene / foam
  • 28 small pieces of fishing rope / wire.
  • 103 small pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • 8 large pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • Glass bottle neck
  • 2 pieces of aluminium
  • 1 beer bottle lid

Beach status now: It was near high tide so there was less area to clean, but when I left I felt satisfied that I had cleared most of the rubbish.

Amount recycled: 60% – all pieces of plastic, bottle lids and clear wrappers

Amount re-used: 10% – Surfboard deck grip and clothes pegs

Amount in landfill: 30% – polystyrene, pieces of shoes and fishing rope & wire


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