International Coastal Clean Up Day

Beach: Ngarunui Beach, Raglan

Tide: Low – rising

Weather: Sunny but cold, first calm day after the storm

Today’s Catch:

  • 1 plastic flower pot
  • 1 ‘bingo’ pen
  • 1 plastic, netting fruit bag
  • 2 balloons one from ‘cancer society’
  • 1 cigarette packet
  • 1 cigarette butt
  • 1 lolly pop stick
  • 1 drinks straw
  • 1 long metal pole
  • 1 bucket handle
  • Part of a shotgun pellet
  • 10 bottle lids
  • 1 drinks bottle
  • 3 candy bar wrappers (one Cadburys)
  • 1 Large piece of polystyrene
  • 8 pieces of clear plastic wrapping
  • 12 pieces of pallet ties (some metres long)
  • 9 pieces of fishing rope
  • 38 small pieces of miscellaneous plastic
  • 19 Nurdles (Raw plastic pellets)
  • 53 pieces of other micro-plastics (<3mm)
  • 2 pieces of glass

Beach status now:  Not clean at all. If I had time, I think I could have found thousands of pieces of micro plastics. It is really depressing to see Nurdles on Raglan beaches, they cause huge problems for marine life as they look very similar to fish eggs, so get eaten & fill their stomachs, making them eventually starve.

Amount recycled: 30% all pieces of plastic, bottle lids and clear wrappers

Amount re-used: 10% Flower pot and metal bar

Amount in landfill: 60% (unfortunately) Everything else!

Marine debris + Kitten = hours of entertainment!


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