MIDWAY : a film by Chris Jordan

Here is a trailer for a film about the plastic pollution on Midway Atoll. Midway Atoll is situated in the North Pacific Ocean, about halfway between USA and Asia, hence the name ‘Midway’. Because of its location, it is particularly susceptible to marine debris from the Pacific Gyre, resulting in the beaches getting swamped by plastic pollution.

This film is a bold reminder of the extent of our world’s plastic problem; it is such a horrible sight to see.

There are 1.5million Laysan Albatross inhabiting the Midway Islands, traces of plastic have been found in nearly all of these birds digestive systems, furthermore a third of Albatross chicks die due to plastic caused starvation!

Midway: a plastic Beach

The state of this Atoll demonstrates the extent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and really proves the severity of the world’s plastic problem. So there should be no excuses to collect litter off the beach, limit use of disposable plastics and recycle as much as possible!


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