Blue Plastic Shavings

Almost every time I pick litter from the beach I find small pieces of blue plastic shavings, and I have always wondered where they come from. I came across this article on the New Zealand Herald website today:

Mystery plastic polluter owns up

It is very surprising these small pieces of plastic come from just one type of fishing practice; it makes me wonder how many of these small pieces of blue plastic floating in the ocean or sitting in animals stomachs!!!


2 responses to “Blue Plastic Shavings

  1. Very cool! I find similar bits washing up on my shore from time to time. One thing I’ve come to learn is that, if I don’t know what something is, the first place to look is at local commercial fishing. Love your blog; Sara from “The Daily Ocean” gave it a FaceBook shoutout and I’m thrilled she did! I do similar cleanups & tallies on literally the other side of the planet, the coast of Maine, USA. Amazing what we’ve done to our oceans in just a few generations.

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