Thursday 1st November 2012

Beach: Whale bay, Raglan.
Tide: Mid to low
Weather: Beautiful sunny spring afternoon with light onshore winds

Today’s Catch:

• 26 bottle tops / parts of bottle tops
• 1 plastic deodorant bottle
• 2 deflated balloons (one with attached string & plastic tie)
• Plastic tie from helium balloon
• 1 Glow stick
• 2 shotgun shells
• Inside of a biro pen
• Part of a plastic spade
• 8 pieces of fishing rope
• 3 pieces of man-made fabric
• 8 pieces of cellophane-type plastic
• 6 small pieces of pallet string tie
• 5 pieces of rubber-like tape
• A large piece of a plastic crate
• Piece of surfboard leash
• Clothes peg
• 37 medium sized pieces of miscellaneous plastic
• 47 Nurdles (Raw plastic pellets)
• 233 pieces of microplastics (>5mm)
• 32 small pieces of miscellaneous plastics
• 2 bottoms of aluminium cans
• 1 glass Bacardi bottle (including lid covered in mussels)
• 4 pieces of broken glass
1 blue plastic shaving

Beach status now: Depressing!! I could not believe the amount of microplastics on whale bay today; it is so daunting when you can see thousands of tiny pieces of plastic in the sand!  All the micro plastics I collected came from a small area of the beach ( about a  two meter square), imagine how much there must be on the coasts of New Zealand……..

Amount recycled: 80% Almost everything 🙂  Raglan recycle centre has started recycling almost all plastic, which is amazing!!
Amount re-used: 10% Clothes peg & surfboard leash
Amount in landfill: 10% – Just the rubber tape and broken glass


One response to “Thursday 1st November 2012

  1. Clare –

    great work! I am compiling emails of people who would be interested to get the latest news and giveaways from The Daily Ocean. If you are interested, email me at – thanks!!
    Sara from The Daily Ocean

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