A few New Zealand Beaches

For the last 3 weeks I have been road tripping around New Zealand, here is an update of my Catches:

1st stop GISBOURNE:

THE WORST BEACH I HAVE EVER SEEN….. I went for a 5km run along the beach one morning (14th Nov 2012), on my way back I started picking up the litter, I only lasted 500m because then I could not carry anymore. The striking thing was how many large items of plastic were on the beach, they mainly consisted of buckets and containers that looked like they had been on fishing boats. One even said ‘toxic’,I  hope the contents didn’t end up in the sea.

I also found a full can of Cody’s (Bourbon & Cola mix), a pair of shoes and a kids tricycle (had to put in a bin before I got back to our camp because i had too much to carry).

Because of the amount of stuff on the beach I only managed to pick up the large items, I dread to think how much could have been collected if I had more time or more hands.

2nd stop Rarangi beach, Marlborough

Didn’t do an official ‘Today’s Catch’ but went for a run from Rarangi beach to Whites bay, and only found one small piece of clear plastic & didn’t find any litter on Rarangi beach when spending time on the beach 🙂

3rd Stop: Kaikoura

Went to several beaches whilst looking for surf and Marine Mammals. Only found one blue cable tie and a shot gun shell in the whole area, shows how the currents, beaches and population in the area affects the amount of litter found.







We then travelled to the West coast of the south island, between West Port and Greymouth, again spending a lot of time on beaches because we were looking for surf, we only found 1  car Tyre on 1 beach. Then after heading over to Christchurch,  and surfing magnet bay, I found only one bit of green plastic…and saw 5 hectors dolphins (made my week!!!)

Overall amazed by how clean south island beaches were, but totally disappointed by Gisbourne….Think i need to make the 800km round trip from here and give it a another clean!!

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