16th – 17th March Whitsands Bay, UK

I spent the weekend at Whitsands Bay in Cornwall, just the other side of the Tamar river to Plymouth. Whitsands is on the south coast of Cornwall, so more sheltered than most Cornish beaches but still very popular with surfers, and still gets its fair share of storms.


I did a Todays Catch on Saturday 16th as we were walking the dog along the beach. I was very surprised by the amount of rubbish on the beach, I think I had forgotten just how much more rubbish is in the UK than New Zealand.

I managed to collect a lot, mostly small pieces but also a massive buoy and  large white container.


But luckily I had lots of help….

IMG_6682 IMG_6750

Unfortunately I didn’t write a list of what I found, but from the pictures you can see that there was plastic all over the beach. I didn’t take a bag with me, but luckily I found a plastic bottle so managed to cram it full of all the small pieces I found.


Overall I would say the beach was still covered in plastic, but I definitely managed to collect a fair bit!


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