Brighton is a seaside town on the south coast of England with a population of over 270,000 (plus thousands of foreign students and tourists that flood in during the summer!).
Since Friday 14th June the refuse collectors have been on strike, since then bins have still been put outside of houses and city bins are still being filled up.

These photos were taken on Monday 17th June, just 3days after the strike began. . . . . .



This bin is right outside my house. The size and smell gets worse everyday!


This is right in the centre of the popular north laine shopping area!


Nappies spewed all over the street!

The worst thing about this mess is how close it is to the beach! There is plastic and other rubbish being blown all around the city centre, which is less than a mile to the sea. This rubbish will end up in the ocean and will end up being eaten by marine animals.
I understand that the refuse collectors need to make a point, but the people of Brighton really need to keep their rubbish at home until it can be collected, it’s just a week and it will make a huge difference to the amount of marine debris that will be created by this strike!







Surfers Against Sewage Spring Clean

Surfers against sewage do a few beach cleans annually at many locations around the country. On Saturday 23rd March I participated in the one in Brighton, well Shoreham harbour to be exact.
It was a freezing cold, grey day and Shoreham harbour must be one of the worst beaches in the world, but when I am in Brighton it is my local break, so it makes sense to clean it! It was a far cry from the beautiful, sunny, empty beaches of Raglan that I usually clean, but a beach none the less so it is still important to make sure our rubbish does not end up in the sea.

I do not have the exact amount that I or anyone else in Brighton collected, however. Do know it was about 10 bags from Brighton alone. Beach cleans were held at 62 beaches around Britain, over 1500 people helped collect 4000kg of rubbish. . . .that is over 1000 bags of rubbish removed from our beaches and therefore away from the sea!





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