To Fin or not to Fin

Brittany Ferries Wildlife Officer Programme

Bonjour and welcome to our blog from a crazy week on the Cap Finistere. As the schools are starting to break up for summer our ship has been getting busier and livelier with families going on their summer holidays. This week our presentations were full up and our children’s craft sessions have been fun and messy! The seas were very flat and the cetaceans were in full view, we managed to spot 7 different cetacean species and 2 fish species along with several seabirds.

Black headed gul spotted on Thursday. Black headed gull spotted on Thursday

It started with glassy waters on Wednesday. In the channel we came across a huge group of diving gannets and managed to spot a few dolphins amongst the feeding frenzy. The calm seas continued into the Bay of Biscay on Thursday morning and just 20 minutes into the deck watch we had a shark cruise past the ship. We then…

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The Northern Shelf: Our New Number One

Brittany Ferries Wildlife Officer Programme

Hello again readers!

This week I (Clare) was joined by Jenna. Jenna is spending a month on the Cap Finistere with us to train how to become a Wildlife Officer and witness some of the fantastic cetaceans we encounter on our journeys to and from Spain. The Bay of Biscay has been pretty quiet this week with just a few sightings each day, but each one has been pretty spectacular.

Three playful common dolphins Three playful common dolphins

Thursday morning started with a bang (or should I say a blow!), as we stepped out on deck at 5.45am we were greeted with the sight of a fin whale blow! It was our first fin whale sighting for a couple of weeks and Jenna’s first ever baleen whale sighting! Just 10 minutes later we had a large pod of common dolphins leaping towards the ship. With two fantastic sightings before 6am we were very excited…

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