Note to dog owners: dog poo is biodegradable, plastic bags are not!

Beautiful view of Whitesands Bay, Scotland ruined by plastic dog poo bags!

I came across this beautiful view half way through a 10km run today, however it was ruined by four plastic dog poo bags. I do not understand this. If you have a dog and you want to take it for a walk in a beautiful place with no bins, then please carry the poo bag to the nearest bin, or flick it into a bush and it will biodegrade within a year. By wrapping a poo in plastic, the time it takes to biodegrade is increased by hundreds of years. If carrying a bag of poo is too embarrassing for a dog owner, they should not own a dog, or should walk the dog in a city park with bins.

I have seen plastic bags of dog poo in the British countryside all across the UK. Dog owners please prioritise the environment over your own image, and stop littering!


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