Today’s Catch is a journal of litter I find whilst on the beach.

Whether you are running, walking or just sitting on the beach I encourage you to collect litter as you pass by. 

I hope that through visualising my beach cleans, others will collect litter they find when they visit the beach, photograph it and show the world how bad the plastic ocean problem has got!

If you would like to post a beach clean to Today’s Catch or you would like to learn more about plastic pollution, please get in touch. 


Kiritehere Beach, New Zealand


East Sands, St Andrews, Scotland


Whitsands bay, Cornwall, England


Noosa Australia

Whitesands Bay, Dunbar, Scotland


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  1. Hi, thanks for coming over and following my blog. It’s great to see a blog like this where people can see firsthand the huge amount of litter on our beaches. It’s inspired me to make sure I do some cleanup every time I’m down at the beach too. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.

  2. Hi Claire,

    Sara from the Daily Ocean blog mentioned your blog to me and suggested to reach you out. I am the founder of One+One an environmental start-up that aims at tracking and mapping litter/trash with the help of a mobile app and a web site (we have data mainly in California, Hawaii and Europe). If you have an iPhone let me know if you would like to test our platform.
    You can reach me by email david@oneplusone.io.

    Keep cleaning!

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